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Tunas Wira -UPNM Cadet Officer- Welcome to UPNM 2013

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26 May 2012, UPNM will receive a total of 500 new cadets. This is their new cadet after passing through several filters that are determined by the Markas Angkatan Tentera Malaysia Bahagian Perkhidmatan Anggota Cawangan Tenaga Kerja,ATM.  
It's not to late for me  to congratulate on the success all of your Cadet to be chosen for appointment as an Officer Cadet in session NDUM 2013/2014.Hopefully the hero shoots, they have great determination to keep life as UPNM to gain Cadets Military Training and Academic Studies. and so on to be commissioned as an Army officer who is respected. Gempur Wira!!!!!!

Here, i attach some photos during Tunas Wira's program that I can share together.