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Oklahoma tornado : Lets we pray together all are safe!!

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Today when I read in the newspaper about the tornadoes in Oklahoma, I really heartbreaking. according to BBC News

"The storm, which also killed nine children, has meanwhile been upgraded to the most powerful level of twister.
Packing winds of at least 200mph (320km / h), the tornado razed a swathe of the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore.
Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin said the death toll may rise above 24 as missing bodies could not have been Taken Directly to Funeral Homes.
Oklahoma City lies inside the Tornado Alley so-called. stretching from South Dakota to central Texas, an area particularly Vulnerable to Storms.The city of Moore was hit by a severe tornado in May 1999, which had the highest winds ever recorded on Earth, over 310mph"
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I hope that no further loss of lives in Oklahoma and there is no child mortality. I pray that this disaster is not approaching Malaysia such as the occurrence of Tsunami in DEC 2004. we pray together.