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Sangfor Trainning at shenzen, China

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As salam and Hi to all blogger

Today when Sangfor's vendors come to my office to make a new product demo, I remembered earlier this year, we were 3 people including our director, Prof Fatimah chance to Shenzen for a  look closer at how things work staff Sangfor and new technology that can adapt to NDUM ICT environment. we went to AirAsia flights and the trip takes 4 hours. Upon arrival we arrived in Bao'an International Airport Gate3, there is very cold weather. The first time, I feel such weather. If in Malaysia, do not feel the weather in such a way.

The first day, we were brought to the Sangfor's Headquarters, I see the way they work so orderly and quick. They are very quiet office environment as the focus of their works

After that, we continue to Dameisha Shangrila Hotel.

That evening, we continue to Hua Qiang Bei. There a variety of electrical and tablets are relatively inexpensive compared to purchasing in Malaysia. We alsa had  communication problem because majority here  do not know how to  speak English. so next time,bring along your dictionary english-chinese. At least you know to bargain price and dont lost in big city. Even Taxi's driver did know to communicate in

Food is our quite troubling problem because it is difficult to find halal food here.Majority here is not all Islam. Quite hungry but it does not become a problem because our target Our focus throughout the 3 days.Last our Sangfor Event, we have annual dinner for Sangfor Dinner and Award Ceremony. cool man..!!

Our last day before returning to Malaysia, we stopped to Lowu commercial center to buy handbags and souvenirs to bring to Kuala Lumpur later.
Marvelous price because you can bargain half price that they offered. .

 6.00pm hour we continued to the airport using the MRT. It's takes about 2 hours to continue to the Airport. 3 days feel so short but God willing, next year we will come here again.