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The Secret Your Own Plam Lines (your Hand)

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Indeed, too many secrets on your hand  We ... However, this prediction is only just and do not believe it is too frenetic highlyTry to observe every line on your palm and you guys compare with lines numbered as above ... Each line has a specific purpose. But do not la panic, not all stated that there are lines on the palms you guys .. And of course la shape also vary .. There is a lack of clarity, the dotted And so on. So safe 'watch' .. Do not misfortune, come on!

1. Life lines
Line marked number 1 this is related to your life. Increasingly long and bright IA lines, the well-meant. It is said that a person will have a long shelf life if such a line especially if lines reach to the end. 

2. Fitness line
Lines marked number 2 is also concerned with the level of thinking and your ability to succeed to a higher level. For example, a student, if IA clear, bright and straight, IA shows that you are a person who worked hard to succeed in school and you are able to study harder .. For you, each success must be accompanied by concerted efforts. No wonder people have this line is able to set foot ivory Nara me without any problems. 

3. Line care / love
The lines represent the feelings and love you. If you have a long and straight lines, IA shows that you are faithful in love and may only experience one episode only love. While if the line is broken and there are other branches, it shows you might have some experience failed in love before finding true love. In fact do not be surprised, Some of you have a dotted line is 'dishonest' and establish more of a love affair with a girl / guy at the same time!
4. Line success
Try you see the line marked number 4. Do IA consists of only one line? Sometimes there are some people who had two or more of these lines. It is said they are poised to gain success in two careers or any later entered into by them, according to the line that emerge in the palm of your hand. 

5. Line of sun (Sun line) 
Not all people who have this line that looks so clear and obvious. If you have such lines, IA shows you will become rich and famous in your life. That's why, Some people are able to achieve success in these two areas is done in the same time. This is because it is written that they are prone to success 

6. Health line 
Just as the life line, as the line is clearly visible, straight and uninterrupted. If the line is dashed, indicating the level of your health is not so good. Vice verse.

 7. Wedding line 
If the line is forming a circle towards the right to the palm of the hand, you predicted would have a lasting marriage and happily ever after. Marriage exists only once in your life. No longer are the second and so on ... 
8. Line number of children 
Everyone must want or keep the desire to have light eyes themselves when the time comes. How many son or daughter do you want? Do not you need to know? What you need to do is to count how many fine lines and short as yours and it actually represents the amount of future your children later. Say you got four lines and it means the number of children you will be four. 

9. Line travel 
Do you like this person a challenging life, like traveling or visiting foreign places? Of course you have a pretty clear line of travel and light, as shown in line number 9. No wonder if you also like to live a nomadic and easily bored with a place. 

10. Financial line
Everyone always dreaming of a perfect and happy life. Absolutely IA accessible if financially sound. For that you have 10 numbered lines with a clear and bright, it is said you are able to acquire a lot of money through the work you do. 

11. Line wrist
Try you look at your wrist on the inside. There are lines seem to ring, right? Predictably, each line forming the rings represent 25 years of your life. About just how yarn bracelets and predicted total . Have your own life! But watch out! Do not get too believe so .... Death and death at the hands of God, right? 

When your fingers closed .... 
What do you see when you tighten the fingers at each other? Are all meetings? Then you try to look at the finger and your ring finger when you close the second. Try moving your finger with your eyes and see if you can see There is no 'gap' between them ... If you can see light between them ... meaning it does not close and distant ... It means you are a pretty generous. In fact sometimes you are too extravagant in spending. However you are not a stingy! On the other hand if there is no space between the toes narrowed bile, it means you are stingy and selfish men! Really?
Indeed, too many secrets that  include on our hands .... however, neither is just a prediction only and do not believe it is too frenetic very .. try to see every line on your palm and you guys compare with lines numbered as above ... every line has a specific purpose. But do not la panic, not all stated that there are lines on the palms you guys .. and of course la shape also vary .. there is a lack of clarity, the dashed and the like. So safe 'watch' .. Do not misfortune, come on! 

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