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Miss my cat -Jackel + Lampi + Michael

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Today suddenly felt sad when I remembered most pet cat naughty. Jackel was named by us. Jackel's name mentioned, all already know how naughty and likes to steal fish at a neighbor's house. but the thing I most love, when I got home, jackel will wait at home and will jump on my car when I was sitting in the car again. but all that is over, 3 years jackel submitted to the adoptive family. my wife is afraid of cats. so for caregivers jackel, I say thank you.


The second cat, his name Lampi because his behavior was slow in everything. when walking, Lampi will go askew. I do not know why, but little time, I protect him properly once. but what, Lampi died while saving Jackel from being bitten by a wild dog. Lampi dead and not in front and I do not know where Lampi died actually. Some people have said, if the cat is on the love of his master, he will not die before us,

Similarly, three cats to me. I gave him the name Michael. Lampi even with luck. died bitten by a wild dog.

I now do not want to keep the cat for a while because my parents forbade me from care, I hope one day, I can keep the cat back.

RIP for LAMPI dan Michael